Stream Thirteen 
Logo for Stream Thirteen Documentary. Based out of SLC, UT.
BikeWalk Provo 
Icon (BikeWalk Billie) for a nonprofit based in Provo, Utah that advocates for safer streets. "Safer Streets for Happier Peeps!" 

Bull Logo Icon 
I created this bull icon for a city that shall not be named for legal issue.
Their old logo was trash. They asked me to bring it into the 21st century. Kinda has a Sara Lee vibe. 
Premier Seed
They harvest wild native seeds for the United States Government and private companies for reseeding and reclamation.

Lehi Roller Mill
This was a conceptual idea for a local roller mill that was filmed on the original Footloose. 
They make hanging scaffolding. The "L's" in "Wall" are the scaffolding. You're welcome. 
Sam's Computer Shop
I created this logo for my brother's computer repair shop. His name is Sam. 
RDA Investment Corp.
RDA Investment Corporation moves A LOT of money. They didn't disclose how much, but said it was enough for three kings. Whatever that means. 
Team Thirteen Documentary
Another logo for a parent company to Stream Thirteen. They shoot cool documentaries. One of my logos made it on Netflix. Maybe I should put that on the "Brands I've worked with."  
*They did not chose this version, but it was my favorite. :)
Vivian Estates
They make essentially the same type of disproportionate homes but with new materials (shiplap, copper, etc.). 
White House Farms
HGTV Magnolia vibe logo for a family member's Youtube channel that I'm not sure what happened to. 
H3 Plastics
H3 Plastics makes molds for products. The "H" is made with the number "3." It also looks like the molding press. 
Dough Tech
They make machines that knead dough. The "d" is in the shape of a dough hook. Cool.
Timpanogos Special Service District
They clean your poo water and make sure our waters are clean to drink and swim in. It's a the mountains and water because the water comes from the mountains. Amen. 

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